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$ 197


More details to come about this launch (read below)...


5 detailed modules in several video courses.


Intro (Why, How, What Timing, What Results, ...)


The right mindset to succeed (Tools, Books, Tips, ...)


The keys to flawless list building and e-mailing


The various ways to attract traffic on platforms

Promotion (free and paid) on social networks to create traffic, build your list, and increase your turnover And after?


Convert and Retain (Opt-ins, Landing pages, Funnel sales, e-mail automation, ...)


Here are a few details to clear things up.


 Online marketing courses will be an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a world within your reach, which will allow you to automate your sales.

The goal is for you to understand the use of online marketing and especially to monetize your platforms and your audiences (or create it from scratch).

My wish is that at the end of this course, you not only have a global view of the possibilities in front of you, but that you are equipped and ready to launch!


Classes will be launched at the end of August.

Pre-order now, save 50% and be the first to receive it. (Do not hesitate to send me remarks if you want to address a particular point. We will be able to update the course before its release if their is a lot of requests and that it serves the greatest number).

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WHO IS THIS FOR? For everyone, depending on what you need to improve.