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A Marketing & Communications Strategy Course

Accelerate your online growth with actionable communications and digital marketing methods and tools. 

Learn about PR, Social Media, E-mail Marketing, Ads, and more.


This course will tell you exactly how to leverage your online presence, to predict and automate your revenue & ROI.


  • Attract & Engage

We will explore:

- all the channels you draw traffic from: Social Media, Ads, E-Mailing, PR, Affiliates & More

- the most effective way to engage your audience and achieve a strong brand awareness with great content.

  • Convert & Retain

We will look at:

- the mechanisms to leverage your content in order to maximize your conversions.

- how to keep your customers excited and satisfied about your services.

Upsells & Referrals

You will be able to:

- increase your customer lifetime value and loyalty.

- upsells & downsells

- turn your followers into advocates.

- have access to exclusive resources 

You will also be automatically added to a private FACEBOOK group where you will receive weekly exclusive links, techniques and resources similar to those used in major organizations such as the United Nations, WHO or UNDP.



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YOUR TEACHER: Laura Eboa Songue

Sr Communications & Marketing Strategist

Hey ! I am Laura, your teacher. I am a Senior Communications and Marketing Strategist. 


I help impact-driven businesses, NGOs & IGOs leverage influence to predict ROI on autopilot.

Over the course of my 14-year career, I have been a publisher, producer, editor, marketer and PR geek, a consultant and overall solution-finder in various creative & tech spaces.


I have worked on various projects with institutions like the UN, UNDP, GIZ, AfBD, AFD, or companies like Microsoft, L'Oréal, LVMH, FlyDubai, Rugby Afrique, Seedstars, Facebook, and more.


I worked with celebrities like Solange Knowles  Kelly Rowland. I have also been featured in Forbes, Le Monde, The New York Times, or CNN.

The Bootcamp is the perfect way for me to transmit my best practices, break down key concepts and help you gain communications, marketing & PR strategic-thinking skills to move fast towards your revenue objectives.

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