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to help Foundations, NGOs & purpose-driven organizations increase their media coverage by 300%, to lead to greater donations. 


Looking for a boutique public relations consultancy that guarantees ROI? 

& get results like...


Interested in consistently increAsing your media coverage?

Foundations, non-profits, and purpose-driven organizations that strategically leverage Public Relations typically see an increase in their media coverage by 300% or more, and ultimately a greater influx of donations.

We have worked with clients who raised millions of dollars in a year with sustained PR efforts.

We can help you do the same. Schedule a paid consultation today!

Our past clients say it best!


Sarah Bel, Acting Head of Media - UNDP Geneva

Laura brought a great experience in marketing and many innovative ideas. She's strong in process, implementation and reporting. Figures spoke by themselves as under her supervision all our social media channels increased their footprint enormously. Laura was also a very nice colleague to work with, always with high spirit and a great team player.

my video essays

Media imperialism, distortion of scientific findings, transclassism,...

I publish research and video essays about the impact of media and correlated social issues

How WE Can

A ROI-focused PR & Strategic Communications consultancy, leveraging technology and extensive experience in:

strategic advisory

  • Public relations: Lean and cost-effective strategies

  • High-level advocacy and communications advisory

  • Crisis Communications advisory


  • Creative brainstorming

  • Copywritting

  • Press Release drafting

  • Communications Kit creation


  • Media relationships building

  • 1:1 Outreach and press release distribution

  • Media training

  • Media placements

Tracking & monitoring

  • Media monitoring

  • Press Clippings

  • Data analysis

our media relationships:

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Jean-Michel Debrat, former CEO - French-African Foundation (formerly AfricaFrance)

Mrs. Eboa proved to be an excellent organizer and a source of original and relevant ideas.
She showed tenacity and exerted her influence by showing real human qualities, adding kindness and modesty to clairvoyance.
She responded perfectly to the expectations placed on her and I have no doubt that her qualities be valuable to any business or organization.


Gladys O. Yiadom, Communications Specialist

As part of the Bootcamp, Laura demonstrated pedagogy and generosity by sharing many tools and techniques to optimize digital communications. In this sense, she demonstrated her talents as both a trainer and a strategist.
I strongly encourage you to use her services.


Hey! My name is Laura Eboa Songue and I am the lead PR & Communications Advisor @ The Map.

Over the course of my 15-year career, I have been a publisher, producer, editor, marketer and PR geek, consultant, and overall solution finder in various institutional, creative & tech spaces.


I have collaborated with groups like L'Oréal, Sephora, LVMH, Disney, Publicis, as well as with governments and institutions like the AfDB, AFD, the UN, UNDP, WHO, and UNCDF. I worked with celebrities like Solange Knowles, or Kelly Rowland. I have been featured in Forbes, Le Monde, The New York Times or CNN.


Now, with The Map, I share my expertise and give the best tools on the market to fellow changemakers. It's possible to live right on purpose, create impactful work and get the best ROI out of it.

My team and I can't wait to get on this journey with you!



Hey! Je m'appelle Laura Eboa Songue et je suis experte en stratégie RP et Communications stratégique. Au cours de mes douze années de carrière, j'ai été entrepreneure, éditrice, rédactrice, productrice, pro de la comm et des RP, consultante et surtout femme-à-tout-faire dans divers univers créatifs.


J'ai collaboré avec des groupes tels que L'Oréal, Sephora, LVMH, Disney, Publicis, ainsi qu'avec des gouvernements et institutions tels la BAD, l'AFD, l'ONU, le PNUD, l'OMS, et UNCDF. J'ai travaillé avec des célébrités comme Solange Knowles ou Kelly Rowland. J'ai été citée ou interviewée dans Forbes, Le Monde, le New York Times ou encore CNN.


Avec l'agence The Map, je souhaite partager mon expertise et donner les meilleurs outils du marché à d'autres acteurs de changement qui me ressemblent (par leurs origines, leur parcours, leur ténacité...). Il est possible de vivre pleinement de son impact, et d'en tirer le meilleur retour sur investissement.

Mon équipe et moi serions ravis d'entamer cette nouvelle adventure avec vous!

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Book a paid consultation now and learn how you can stop struggling with lack of consistent media visibility and subsequent low ROI & funding.

After our initial call, we'll provide:

  • Clarity on the best practices to navigate the media landscape

  • What are the next steps to take

  • An introduction to our PR Blueprint, the proven system we use to set up a winning PR strategy

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